Whois Joyferm 谁是酵富 ?

中国精酿啤酒行业已进入高速增长期,年复合增长率超过 50%,引起市场高度关注。啤酒酵母是决定精酿啤酒品质的关键原料,然而在我国由于技术限制,精酿啤酒酵母产品供应仍有诸多局限性,啤酒酵母种类少,且以难回收的干酵母粉制品为主,高端液体啤酒酵母完全依赖美国进口,价格昂贵,进口周期长。
2018 年8月在南京江北新区,酵富团队创建“酵富实验室”,成为我国首家专业精酿啤酒酵母研究机构。
In China, craft beer industry has entered a rapid growth stage, the compound annual growth rate is over 50%, which gets tremendous market attention. However, due to technical limitations, the supply of the key-material of the craft beer: the yeasts, is still limited, and the availability of yeast strains is very few. Most Chinese brewers have to use dry yeast products and high-quality liquid yeasts still rely on importing, which makes the costs remain high and the quality uncontrollable. 
In August 2018, in Nanjing Jiangbei New District, JOYFERM team established the ‘JOYFERM LABS’, the first professional craft beer yeast research institute in China.
‘JOYFERM LABS’ has established the first brewing yeasts bank in China, which is in line with the international standard and can provide more than one hundred yeast strains to the breweries and homebrewers. 
Since the official release in May 2019, JOYFERM LABS yeast has been selected by numerous home and pro-brewers, and the beers brewed by JOYFERM yeasts helped them win many prizes in various national craft beer competitions. JOYFERM team dedicates to be the pioneer of the Chinese craft beer culture and the best brewing solution provider in China.


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